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The Parish Priest writes:

Dear parishioner,







As we gather this weekend for the 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time, we are invited to reflect on the readings that remind us of the Kingdom of God and how it grows in our lives. The Gospel of Mark (4:26-34) presents us with the parables of the growing seed and the mustard seed. Jesus uses these simple yet profound images to teach us about faith and the mysterious yet assured growth of God's Kingdom. The growing seed reminds us that, like the farmer, we are called to sow seeds of faith, love, and kindness in our daily lives. The growth of these seeds is often unseen and mysterious, yet God assures us that they will bear fruit in His time. Similarly, the mustard seed, though the smallest of seeds, grows into the largest of garden plants, symbolising how our small acts of faith can lead to great things.

This Sunday is dedicated as the Day for Life, a time to celebrate and protect the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. The theme aligns beautifully with our readings. Just as the mustard seed grows into a large plant, our efforts to protect and cherish life, no matter how small, can lead to significant and profound impacts. This week let's focus on actions that promote and protect life. Consider donating your time or resources to organisations that support pregnant women and promote adoption, or provide care for the elderly and terminally ill. Learn more about the Church’s teachings on the sanctity of life and share this knowledge with others, encouraging respectful conversations about the importance of life at all stages. And most of dedicate time this week to pray for the protection of all human life. Pray for those who are vulnerable, for those making difficult decisions, and for a greater respect for life in our society. As we hopefully begin warmer and sunnier days, there are many opportunities to reflect God's love in our world.


For families, especially those with children who have just received their First Communion, I encourage you to keep practicing and nurturing your faith. It's easy to relax once a significant milestone has passed, but our journey with Christ is ongoing. Remember, our ultimate goal is salvation, and continuous effort in our faith practices is crucial. I extend a special invitation to all the children who have made their First Communion to consider joining our altar servers. Serving at the altar is a wonderful way to stay connected to the church and grow in your faith.


Let us not let go of our spiritual growth. Let's keep the momentum going, supporting each other as we strive to live out our faith daily.


Have a blessed week.


All life is sacred - a gift from God. This is why the Church opposes abortion (ending life in the womb) and Euthanasia (ending life before natural death). With the intention of praying and advocating for the establishment of a culture of care at the end of life, the theme for the Day for Life is: “The Lord is my Shepherd – Compassion and Hope at the End of Life”. For more information please see: This Sunday there will be a Second Collection for a LIFE.


A group of 8 of us successfully completed the second leg from Wrotham to Halling. The next leg from Halling to Aylesford Priory will be on Saturday 15th June and we would love to see more pilgrims. If you would like further information, please contact Br. David Havard on 07821 049827 or Margaret Briggs on 01732 885295/07703 798967. The other dates are 13 July, 10 August, 21 September and 12 October.

We are delighted to be able to host the world renowned choir, The Sixteen conducted by Harry Christophers, CBE, at St Thomas’, for a specially-curated gala evening concert, with poetry readings by Actors Antonia Christophers and Noel Byrne. 
Tickets were available from Concert Tickets



his will be on Friday 25 October at St Joseph's. Join us for a splendid evening and learn a bit more about wines. Further info to follow.


Do come along on Monday 17th June from 10.30 am to
midday in the Parish Room if you would like a quiet,
confidential space to talk and be listened to. There is no
need to let us know you are coming. You will be very
welcome and we always have coffee and biscuits ready.
Kate and Sally

Why Become an Altar Server? Serving at the altar is a wonderful way for our young members to deepen their faith, engage more fully in the Mass, and contribute to our parish community. It offers a unique opportunity to grow in spiritual knowledge, develop leadership skills, and foster a closer relationship with the Lord.
We are delighted to extend an invitation to all children who have recently received their First Holy Communion to join our esteemed group of altar servers. We are arranging a meeting for new altar servers on Friday 28th June at 7.30 pm in the church.


As you know, the Prime Minister has called a General Election for 4 July 2024. A special page on the CBCEW website has been created with information about the issues of importance:

Please note, that the updated Lectionary is due to be published by CTS to be used from Advent 2024. This new edition includes the various additions to the Roman Missal since 1981, such as the Sanctoral cycle, Votive Masses, Masses for Various Needs and Occasions, and revisions to Ritual Masses like the Order of Marriage and the Institution of Catechists. To ensure our Parish is ready, we need to acquire four sets of these new Lectionaries for our four churches, as well as a Gospel Book for major ceremonies. Additionally, at some point all the private Sunday Missals will need to be replaced with the new translations. We kindly ask if any parishioner would like to contribute towards or even sponsor a set of Lectionaries. Your generosity will greatly support our liturgical celebrations and ensure we comply with the updated standards. The cost of the main set for St Thomas' is £695, the 3 small sets for the chapels £395 each, the Gospel book £395.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our Parish.


Join us for a free BBQ and social gathering for all ages and help us to make this event unforgettable. We still need more raffle prizes (contact Ben), bottles for the Bottle Stall (contact Andrew), toys for the Toys Stall (contact Christina), gifts for the Gift Stall (contact Jill), and plants for the Plant Stall (contact Andrew). Thank you for your generosity! All donations can be brought to Presbytery.

St Thomas of Canterbury, pray for us.
St Joseph, pray for us.
St Bernadette, pray for us.
St Edith of Kemsing, pray for us.

Fr Peter Kucharski, Parish Priest of Sevenoaks

12 Granville Road     email

Sevenoaks               01732 454177

TN13 1ER

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